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How to Create a YouTube Channel And make Money Online | Simple Ways easy To read

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Create A YouTube Channel

Want to create a YouTube channel, but not sure how? Today's article is a step-by-step tutorial, perfect for beginners - because getting started really in this article will teach you how to learn a channel.

Hello, friends In this article I will tell you how to create a YouTube channel and rank it.
First, you need a Gmail account then you need to enter your Gmail and Click Upper six Dots
As shown in the picture

create A YouTube Channel And Make Money online

Then you have to open YouTube, Then click on where your logo appears and then click on the create a Channel button. Then you have to choose your channel name, And then you have to upload videos to your channel.

How to Verify Youtube Channel 

Now you have to Verify your channel, For this, you have to visit the classic creator studio on YouTube.And then you have to click on the channel on the right side, Followed by your channel name below the verify button. Then you have to paste your number into the blank box Then you have the code to paste it into the empty box Your channel is now Verified.

How to Customize YouTube Channel

How to set up a channel, they will all be found in the video. The first thing you need to do is click on the Customize channel, Then you have to customize the channel in the best way.

how to upload Video on Youtube Channel

First of all, you have to click on the create video and post icon, which is visible in the upper line of YouTube.And then click on upload video And select the video from your laptop.
More settings will be found in the video.

Create A Channel video.

If you didn't understand something above, watch this video 

If you didn't understand anything in this video, watch the other video.

If you want to see more YouTube videos similarly subscribe to our YouTube channel,

Create a Youtube Channel and Ranked,

Now how do we make the YouTube channel famous? For this, you need to upload a unique video to your channel and do good SEO for them. 
Learn SEO Click Here

How to social Media link On Youtube Channel?

How to put Facebook and Twitter links in YouTube channel, If you have watched Our video then you may have noticed how to add social media links in the YouTube channel.

How to upload the youtube Channel logo?

Watch the video if you want to upload a logo to the YouTube channel.
And if you don't know how to make a YouTube logo, comment Now
I will also teach you how to make a logo.

Comment if there is any question or any issue

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Bitcoin Mining 2020 | Two Best bitcoin Mining Sites

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Bitcoin Mining 2020 | Two Best bitcoin Mining Sites

Hello friends today I will tell you two bitcoin Mining Sites ,Which are 100% working. Those who use make-up can earn bitcoin And see their payment proof.

These websites are brand new and are also paying well Of these websites I will also look at payment proof Check out your videos to add to the website.

1. MiningCenter

When you log into this website you will find 2500 GHS Bounce. In this website You will Mine
Bitcoin , Dogecoin, Ethream, Bitcoin vs , USD , LiteCoin.
How to join it is explained in the video.

And if you make a deposit in this website, your earning will double.

And if you make your own partners in it, you will receive 15% of their earnings for each withdraw.

Payment Proof

2. Hashrapid

This web site is completely trusted because I have been working for it for a long time And the website 100%  pays money And there are so many videos made in YouTube.
To join it, you must first create a wallet.
Copy and paste the address of the blockchain into this website and your mining will start.
Or watch the video to join it

The hashrapid site gives a very good impression I hope you get a good earning by joining it.
And if you take a plan on this website, you will get a bonus and the earning will double.

Join Here            

And this website also has a Spin option .And from Spin you can win Bitcoin .
If you refrigerate it, you will get a portion of it. And Your reffer Your friends And family Members
And You will Get Some Bitcoin Bonce And 10 Spin For  Try You Luck.

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Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

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Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes 

Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

If you want to make SEO Friendly Templates in your blog, then read this article and the templates in this article.
These download links are given below. You can download them by clicking on these links.
And in this article I will tell you SEO and Google AdSense Friendly templates

Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

And by using them, you will be able to monetize your blog

It's very easy to adjust these templates , These templates are absolutely free with no charges.


This template is Google Adsense friendly and also has great speed, meaning it can reduce the impact.
And by integrating it you can get Google AdSense Approval, and monetise your blog or website.
The best thing about this template is that it is very easy to customize

Click on the preview to see the preview of this template and if you want to download it, click on Download Now.

Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

     LIVE PREVIEW                                                                                        DOWNLOAD NOW

2nd...  NEW SEO

 You can rank your blog using this template,And even using it, Google AdSense gets the Approval   faster ,And it's very easy to customize.

 If you want to see the view view of it, click on the view preview and click on download now if you   want to download.

Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

     LIVE PREVIEW                                                                                         DOWNLOAD NOW

3. ONIDO ( Publister)

This template is my favorite template for Onido or Publister as it is responsive and Google AdSense friendly.
I've used this template in three or four of my blogs and also acquired Google AdSense Approval.
And customizing this template is as easy as writing M, I mean very easy To Customize.

And if you want to watch it download or preview, then click on Preview or Download Now.

Top 3 Responsive Blogger Templates 2020 | High Quality Adsense friendly Templetes

  LIVE PREVIEW                                                                                              DOWNLOAD NOW

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SEO - What is SEO ? (Search Engine Optimization)

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

SEO - What is SEO ? (Search Engine Optimization)

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What is SEO ?

SEO - What is SEO ? (Search Engine Optimization)

what Is SEOSEO stands for “search engine optimization,It has a process of delivering traffic to
 a free-for-all website that brings in free Organic Editorial and Natural Search messaging into the
 search engine.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps people increase traffic to their website. This makes it easy 
to rank their website.
There are strategies, techniques and tactics for visitors to the website to get high-quality search results.

Optimizing Visibility in Search engines

It is common practice for Internet Search users not to click on search results pages and pages So 
where to find a site on the Play Sideshow page to direct more traffic to the site.
If you do SEO your site well, your site will rank in Google and other search engines.

Improving Organic Search (CTR)

So lets enable your results to search engine and get to your site just by clicking on it.
This will help your site get better CTR Applying search query to find out


Blogger : What Is Blogger Learn About Blogging

Monday, December 2, 2019

Blogger : What Is Blogger Learn About Blogging

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What Is Blogger ?

Blogger Is a Google Product and He Provide A Amzing Free Service For All People.
In This Tutorial You Will Complete  Learn About  Blogging ,

What Is Blogging ?

Blogger is a publishing service that facilitates timely registration for many bloggers. If you
can make money by creating your own blog in it.
The word blog is derived from the weblog. A blog is often used by many Online Works.
A blog is also used for online diary. A blog is also used as a journalism.

How to Create a Blog ?

If you want to create a blog then you must first have a Google account.Then go to Google and
write in the search bar so Blogger will open the top web site And log in with your Google account, then enter the name of your blog such as you can see in the picture and the address of your blog
for example

Now your blog Is Ready.

How to Make Money From Blogger ?

One blog can make money in many ways a Blog Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads.
The best way for bloggers to make money is to take a look ads at their site.
For Google AdSense you will need to get the domain and hosting up.
Now you can post to your blog, as soon as you post, you can apply for
Google AdSense.
2nd way To Make Money From Blogs He Paste Include Affiliate links in their content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Now you have to rank your blog for who they are and what you need to learn.

This tutorial Is Coming Soon